Darilni bon - kartica

Ne veste, kaj podariti svoji ljubljeni osebi ali prijatelju? Zakaj jim ne bi dovolili, da z našo darilno kartico izberejo znesek po meri. Preprosto izberete znesek, ki ga želite porabiti, ga pošljete neposredno po e-pošti in prejemnik lahko darilno kartico unovči za katerega koli našega izdelka v e-trgovini - https://extragifts.com.

A voucher for a specified amount purchased from a retailer (or other business) and given to someone as a present. The voucher can be exchanged for goods or services by the recipient at the retailer or business concerned.

The three terms gift card, gift voucher and gift certificate in India can be defined as a mode of transfer in the form of gift or salary or incentives (towards employee, friends etc). This replaces cash and allows the receiver to purchase service or products from certain places (malls, showrooms, bazaars etc) within a particular geographic location (say India) as specified on the gift voucher  .
This mode of transfer is used by corporate bodies, employees and people from many other fields in the form of holztiger animals prepaid gift cards, gift vouchers etc for various beneficial reasons.
How each gift certificate works:-
darilne kartice: These cards are the modern day replacement of those cash envelopes that were given as gift in marriage and other ceremonies in India. While that envelope had cash that could be spent or saved by the person who is gifted, these cards are typically meant for shopping, dining, entertainment and any other expense the gifted person may choose. These cards are sold by many banks in recent times in India. Such cards require the backup guarantee of a bank. They can be used in merchant outlets where they accept debit cards. One can check the balance on these cards through ATMs. The identity PIN for the card is provided with the card during the purchase. The gift cards will also have certain expiry date before which the card has to be utilized. The following banks offer gift cards in India today.